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About Lulu 2019 2(FIV+ and Positively Adoptable!)

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Cat
  • Rescue ID: C200048
  • General Color: Tortoiseshell
  • Color: Tortie
  • Eye Color: Mixed
  • Current Age: 10 Years 2 Months (best estimate)


Hello friends! My name is Lulu. I found myself at a shelter in Baltimore in need of dental work. Happily, I was well cared for and the staff recognized what a loving girl I am and how much happiness I will bring to the lucky purrson who's in search of a loyal best friend.

The Baltimore shelter put out the call to King Street Cats and I joined the KSC family! Here I've received all the dental care I needed and I've healed nicely. I've shown my new volunteer friends what a wonderful girl I am and how much I want to devote myself to a special purrson whom I can call my own.

I am quiet, loyal, well-behaved, loving and affectionate. If you asked me what makes me happiest, I would tell you this: having my own purrson to bond with!

I'm a gorgeous tortoiseshell girl with short, silky fur marbled with very dark chocolate (almost black) and caramel coloring. I have bright clear eyes that change from green to gold depending on the light.

I'm a bit on the chunky side now, so I hope you'll help me SLOWLY slim down on a healthy, grain-free wet diet. We discovered that my teeth were too damaged to save, so they've been removed. For this reason, I need soft, wet food. This type of food is commercially available all over the Metro DC area.

I am happiest without other cats around. I want to be yours alone so we can enjoy each others' company.

Nine years old may sound "old" to you. It's not! Cats live well into their teens. I've got a friend who's helping me type my story here (it's hard to type without thumbs!) and her 10 year old cat has the fastest reflexes she's ever seen - faster than the younger cat!

While I was receiving the medical care I needed, we discovered that I am FIV+, which means that I have Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

Don't go away! - I am "Positively Adoptable" and going to make someone a very happy purrson!

  • FIV is not the same as Feline AIDS.
  • It is not the same as the human forms of HIV or AIDS.
  • You cannot catch it, and my care requirements are no different from what any cat lover does for his or her cat companions.
  • "Feline AIDS" is a condition which may (or may not) develop at the end of a cat's life. An FIV+ cat does not necessarily develop Feline AIDS.
  • FIV can only be spread from one cat to another cat through deep-puncture bite wounds. It's very likely that I was attacked by an aggressive cat who bit me deeply while I was on the streets before I was brought to the Baltimore shelter. 

Here's what I'll need in terms of care:

  1. I'll need you to feed me a high quality WET, CANNED diet (preferably grain-free, high-protein)
  2. Come to know my behaviors so that you can notice changes that may be health-related, develop a good working relationship with a veterinarian who is current on FIV issues,
  3. Seek that veterinarian's assistance if you notice any changes in my behavior.

That's all. Wouldn't you do that for any kitty? I thought so! 

If you would love to share your life with a beautiful and devoted best friend, please come to meet me! It's easy to get started: please send an email to and ask for me, Lulu.

One more thing - that friend who's helping me type? She adopted a tortie name Lulu from KSC in 2014. She says it's one of the absolute best things she's ever done - and knows you'll feel that way about adopting me, too!

Happily yours,



More about Lulu 2019 2(FIV+ and Positively Adoptable!)

Somewhat vocal, Likes to play with toys, Apartment OK, Obedient, Affectionate, Eager To Please, Intelligent, Even-tempered, Gentle


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Lulu 2019 2(FIV+ and Positively Adoptable!)